“One seldom hears this repertoire as fresh and played with such musicality”. MDR may_2014_coverGermany (Radio)

“La Compañia go the whole hog here …on fruitily satisfying combinations” Gramophone, UK

“this Renaissance music thrives on improvisation, rhythms and dynamic ornamentation
requiring exceptional mastery of the instrument, matched by musicality. And this is exactly what the
Australians display.” Toccata Alte Musik Aktuell, Germany

“What characterizes the ensemble’s sound is its rhythmic vivaciousness” InternationaToccatal Record Review, UK

“The performers are clearly comfortable in the midst of this complexity” Historic Brass Society, US

“They are well played, with tasteful ornamentation” Early Music (Oxford Journals) OUP, UK

“unique blend of precision and flexibility …is imaginative and engaging throughout” Limelight

IRR_Cover“for early Baroque pieces the jauntiness and nice harmonies are infectious” Fanfare, US

“Played so musically and with such beautifully shaped phrasing” MusicWeb International

“scorings here are delicate and chosen with care” Gramophone, UK

“The result is some truly notable instrumental passages and a refined approach” Diverdi, Spain

“La Compañia’s relaxed and improvisatory yet passionate and precise playing is a delight” LimelightFanfare

“Masterful improvisation, ornamentation, surprising combinations of sound” Music Island, Poland

“captures La Compañia’s delight in the interesting phraseology that this music invites” Oxford Journals

“La Compañia’s relaxed and improvisatory yet passionate and precise playing is a delight” Limelight

“Again, the playing is refined: perfect in intonation, balance and blend …and excellence of performance OUP-Early Music 11:14
which it offers is outstanding.” Historic Brass Society, US

“La Compañia play early Italian baroque works with its colourful, individualistic panache” The Age

“scorings here are delicate and chosen with care. As a consequence, there is some lovely solo and
duo playing from the nine members of the ensemble” Gramophone, UK

“Aussie-based ensemble proves spicier than chilli con carne” Limelightlimelight

“Some truly notable instrumental passages and a refined approach to this music, and a mastery of the
festive and solemn registers” DIVERDI , Spain

“Where La Compañia differs (internationally) in its approach is in the unique blend of precision and flexibility” Limelight

“Danny Lucin masters the cornetto with jazzistic flights of fancy, and Rosemary Hodgson plucks the vihuelaDiverdi 122012
with stunning virtuosity” Expresso, Portugal

“joyful ornamented music with such security in style that is only achieved by the masters in the field …colorfully
adorned sound enriched by sterling Interpretation” Toccata, Germany

“Early music from Australia?  Yes, they have that now.  The continent’s highest-profile original instruments players
belong to the ensemble La Compañia” MDR Germany (Radio)

“La Compañia’s work is unfailingly enjoyable” The Age416241613_370.jpg

“La Compañia presents concerts that heighten expectations …this early-music collective has dust-scattering bounce and clarity” The Age

“Bringing exotic sounds to a new audience” The Age

“This wonderful disc is a real departure for the early music community in Australia”
ABC FM CD of the week

“La Compañia does not shy away from orchestrating in a musically satisfying manner on the pretext ofExpresso 2013
lack of specific evidence” Oxford Journals, UK

“La Compañia’s performances, which are consistently idiomatic, light, colourful and rhythmic”
International Record Review, UK

“one finds oneself nicely rocking out … one will feel literally swept away by the jaunty rhythms of the music”
Fanfare, US

“Such a telling combination of passion and scholarship” The Agemdr