2017 Concert Series

Melodies from Madrid                    Echoes of the Celts                       The Sounds of Naples                    Rhythms of New Spain







2016 Concert Series


concert Spain

Concert France cropconcert Italy

El fuego                                                                    L’air Parfumé                                                        Il Paradiso                                        
Spanish Ensaladas by Matheo Flecha                 …undeniably French the Air de Cour                  Italian masters of the Early Baroque


2015 Concert Series

La Compañia 2015 - concert #1 sConcert 1


La Compañia 2015 - concert #2 s


Concert 2
Period experts La Compañia explore the music of the celebrated Spanish manuscript ‘The Duke of Calabria’s Songbook’, published in 1556. The Duke was the quintessential Renaissance man and his court, in the famed metropolis of Valencia, was filled with music, beauty and culture. This collection of colouful songs, with sensual melodies and infectious rhythms are deliciously portrayed on diverse and unique instruments, displaying the musical mastery and emotions of the Spanish Renaissance.

La Compañia 2015 - concert #3 s


Concert 3
In the Renaissance and early Baroque innovative styles of dance music emerged from Italy and Spain, they included the chacona, passacalle, folia and passamezzo. Reaching new heights of popularity throughout all of Europe, these tunes allowed for total artistic freedom in interpretation, and were the foundation for virtuosic melodic variations. Internationally acclaimed for their individualistic style and expressiveness La Compañia rediscovers these dance groves with a rich palate of period instrument and voice.

La Compañia 2015 - concert #4 s


Concert 4


This Series was presented by La Compañia with support from the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


2014 Concert Series


La Compania 2014 Concert 1                             La Compania 2014 Concert 2

 Música Española                                                                                     Jardins de Mélodies

La Compania 2014 Concert 3                            La Compania 2014 Concert 4

Antica Italiana                                                                                          Christmas in New Spain


 2013 Concert Series

THE SPANISH COLLECTION               LA DOLCE VITA                              LA SUAVE MELODIA                     THE BAROQUE AMERICAS

The Spanish CollectionLa Dolce VitaLa Suave MelodiaThe Baroque Americas








_la-compania 2012 Concert Series


Concert 1
Mediterranean Rhythms

Concert 2
La Melodia Antica

Concert 3
Queen of the Golden Age

Concert 4
Flemish Masters Abroad

Concert 5
Mexican Baroque Encounters



2011 Concert Series
Concert 1
Discovery – The Portuguese Empire
Concert 2
Metropolis – The Venetian Republic
Concert 3
Civilization – The Duchy of Burgundy
Concert 4
Exchange – The Danish Court
Concert 5
Diversity – The Kingdom of Naples



2010 Concert Series

Concert 1
Los Maestros de Sevilla

Seville as the sole port for the riches of the New World, flourished in the 16th century with its cathedrals attracting the finest composers and musicians, and its publishing houses printing many of the masterpieces of Spanish music.

Concert 2
Calendimaggio di Firenze

The Florentine Calendimaggio, or May carnival, during the rule of the Medici’s was an elaborate outdoor festival celebrating spring. All classes of Florentines parading through the streets singing and dancing the ‘canzoni da ballo’.

Concert 3
Chansons nouvelles de Paris

The Parisian chansons that entertained the French bourgeoisie flourished in the 16th century, popular throughout Europe, they were highly varied in character and included some of the most popular tunes of the time.

Concert 4
Music for a Bavarian Duke

Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, a lavish patron of the arts, established his court as a significant cultural hub north of the Alps with the finest international talents including impressive instrumental and vocal forces.