Destino Mexicano …reviews fresh off the press

“La Compañia go the whole hog here …on fruitily satisfying combinations of shawm, cornett, dulcians and sackbuts, backed up by bass viol, guitars and percussion …excellent recorded sound”
Gramophone, UK

“What characterizes the ensemble’s sound is its rhythmic vivaciousness .. La Compañia’s performances, which are consistently idiomatic, light, colourful and rhythmic”
International Record Review, UK

“…once more they succeeds due to the rhythm and joyous compositions, however this is supported by their skill, high musicality and the ensemble’s expertise”
Toccata, Germany

“two recordings by the Australian ensemble La Compañía, directed by the cornettist Danny Lucin …They are well played, with tasteful ornamentation
Early Music (Oxford Journals) OUP, UK

“one finds oneself nicely rocking out …The recording quality of the disc is outstanding, and one will feel literally swept away by the jaunty rhythms of the music”
Fanfare, US

“this superb Australian-
based ensemble has 
done it again …its approach is in its unique blend of precision and flexibility …is imaginative and engaging throughout”

“Again, the playing is refined: perfect in intonation, balance and blend. …This recording is a delight …and excellence of performance which it offers is outstanding.”
Historic Brass Society, US






OUP - Early Music 11:14     IRR_Cover    HBSToccata